Getting Started with Adobe After Effects - Part 6: Motion Blur
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Chennai, India
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Madhivanan's Home

My name is Madhivanan. I live in Chennai, India. I work as Lead Subject Matter Expert. I blog at .  +Madhivanan
  • Derived Table - New approach to avoid SQL Injection

    Madhivanan Liked 1 Days ago through Blogs
    People use Dynamic SQL for various purposes One of the disadvantages of it is SQL injection that can attack your database by doing the things that you didn't want to do Consider a case where usage of Dynamic SQL in unavoidable You have a table that reco...
  • How to disable all jobs using a query?

    Madhivanan Liked 1 Days ago through Blogs
    When one of posters asked a question about this, someone posted the following reply UPDATE msdb.dbo.sysjobs SET enabled = 0 As sysjobs is a system and updating it is generally not advised, the following can be used instead declare @sql varchar(max...
  • routine_definition from information_schema.routines

    Madhivanan Liked 1 Days ago through Blogs
    Some people suggest usage of information_schema.routines View to view the definition of the procedure The problem is the datatype of that column is nvarchar(4000) and there is a chance that the definition gets truncated. So, the following wont give yo...
  • Find alternate week day

    Madhivanan Liked 1 Days ago through Blogs
    My co-worker had a task of finding minimum alternate week day as of today for a given date and day. Consider these data Date : 2009-12-22 day : 5 (it denotes Thursday) It means the event was scheduled on 2009-12-22 which s...
  • Happy Holidays

    Madhivanan Liked 1 Days ago through Blogs
    In the Query Analyser, set the Result mode to Text (Press CTRL+T) and run the following code set nocount on select space(17-len(replicate(char(94),no)))+ replicate(char(94),no*2-1) from ( select top 10 row_nu...
  • Replace data of one table with data of other table

    Madhivanan Liked 1 Days ago through Blogs
    One of the questions asked in a forum was about replacing data of one table by the data of another table The solution that the questioner used was having cursor by looping through the source table and replace particular words by other words from ...
  • Removing tags from a string

    Madhivanan Liked 1 Days ago through Blogs
    In, a question was asked about removing the comments from the HTML template The comments have the following pattern {/*}comment{*/} The comments can be nested too The task is to remove all the comments Here is my ...
  • Maximum length of each column

    Madhivanan Liked 1 Days ago through Blogs
    How do I find out the maximum length of each column in a table? Here is the answer declare @sql varchar(8000), @table sysname select @table='your_table', @sql='' select @sql=@sql+'select '''+@table+''' as table_name,'''+column_nam...
  • Generate Fibonacci series - No loop, no recursion

    Madhivanan Liked 1 Days ago through Blogs
    Generating the Fibonnaci series generally involves in writing the code which has while loop or a recursive function Peso posted the code using the Common table expression Here are my methods that involve no loop or no recursion 1 Use Quirky u...
  • Cursor statuses

    Madhivanan Liked 1 Days ago through Blogs
    Here are the queries that findout the cursors based on their statuses 1 Find out the cursors that are allocated but not opened or closed --Method 1 select name from sys.dm_exec_cursors(0) where is_open =0 --Method 2 select cu...
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