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My name is Arjun12.
  • ssrs dynamic columns into matrix

    Arjun12 Posted 4 Years ago through Ask
    0 HI, I have one sp it returns some columns(think as 7),for these column i am getting into data set i am developing report using ssrs its fi...
  • how to develope SSRS Report for dynamic columns

    Arjun12 Posted 4 Years ago through Ask
    Hi,<br><br>I have one SP it returns 10 columns based on selection some more columns i am getting(dynamic columns)<br>how to get these columns also into my SSRS report<br><br>in my report i am able to get those 10 columns only into my table report <br><b...
  • Parameter mapping

    Arjun12 Posted 4 Years ago through Ask
    i have 6 parameters ,in this 4th parameter returns "ALL" 5th and 6th also in need to return all5,6 have available values, where i have to write expression for getting ALL valueRegardsArjun...
  • hiding parameters in SSRS

    Arjun12 Posted 4 Years ago through Ask
    hi,<br>I have 2 paramaters<br>1) odc_status<br>2) odc_company<br><br>the first parameters returns 1,2<br>if odc_status=1 then enable the odc_company parameters and pass the default value<br>if odc_status=2 then disable the odc_company parameter and pas...
  • single selection in list box

    Arjun12 Posted 4 Years ago through Ask
    Hi, I have Country as a multiple parameter ,in this i have multiple countries but i want select only one at a time(like radio button),how it is to implement is it possible,,,, Regards Arjun...

    Arjun12 Liked 4 Years ago through Pages
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