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TSQL Challenge 18 – The Calendar Puzzle - Winners Announced!

It is time to see the result of another challenge! We have just completed the evaluation of TSQL Challenge 18 and the results are published on the evaluation website.

Unlike many of the previous challenges, this one went through a sequence of different tests. The logic testing was done three times with language settings set to English, Swedish and Czech. The multi-language testing knocked down many solutions.

Here are the top 3 winners of TSQL Challenge 18.

sam camargo
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10 SQL Stars

roby hoye
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9 SQL Stars

Dalibor Margotic
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8 SQL Stars

Unfortunately, none of these winners have posted a photograph in their profile. I will update this post as soon as I have their photograph so that we all get to see those heroes.

The list of top 10 solutions is published at http://databasechallenges.com/SQLServer/TSQL/Challenge18/winners

The performance comparison of all the solutions that passed all the tests is published at http://databasechallenges.com/sqlserver/tsql/challenge18/load_testing_results


There are some late submissions that we received after this evaluation cycle started. Those submissions will be processed soon and the current result will be refreshed after the next evaluation cycle completes.


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