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Getting Started with Adobe After Effects - Part 6: Motion Blur
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TSQL Challenge 82 - Find elements that uniquely make up a group

The challenge is to find the Tax Code based on Price. There is a table called "LineItems" that have Invoice Number and Price. There is another table "Sales" that contains Invoice Number, Amount and Tax Code. Each sales amount is uniquely made up by the sum of one or more prices. Based on this you should assign the tax code to each price.


TSQL Challenge 78 – Results of Tricky Testing

We have completed the ‘tricky testing’ of TSQL Challenge 78 - Parse single field into multiple fields and the result is published here. The data used for the tricky testing is given here.

TSQL Challenge 78 – Tricky Data

We are about to start the logic testing of TSQL Challenge 78 - Parse single field into multiple fields. We have created a sandbox for the tricky testing and you can find it here.

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